• This dedicated service run for all commercial businesses (including charities and small / medium sized enterprises) by Citrus Energy is completely free to use and will find you the best prices available from over 18 different energy suppliers who offer deals on gas and electricity for all businesses.
  • Our staff, with many years of experience in the commercial energy market can provide the right level of expertise to help you reduce your energy costs with no issue too large or too small.
  • Start making the savings to your energy bills overheads now by contacting us today on free phone 0800 221 8089 and speaking to one of our team of advisors. Our staff will ask you to send a bill for each site with authority to work on your behalf – that’s all that’s needed, and then we’ll do the rest.
  • We will not ask you to sign a contract with Citrus Energy, only with the new energy supplier you choose.

Switching energy supplier needn't be complicated. Citrus Energy makes it an easy process and with our ongoing support we will automatically review your tariffs every 6 months to ensure you continue to get the best deal.