• Citrus Energy offers a home visit advice service to specifically help the people of Ayrshire, including those with pre-payment meters. We can arrange a mutually convenient appointment in the comfort of your own home to provide a wide range of help and support that will get you the best deal for your gas and electricity.
  • Along with our easy switching service which helps you find cheaper energy deals, we can check your current bills to ensure you are being billed properly. If not, we can provide advocacy on your behalf and correspond with your energy supplier for a variety of reasons.
  • We can also help get the best from your heating system by giving you assistance on the setting of heating programmes and thermostats.
  • If you have meter problems, then Citrus Energy can help with the resetting of pre-payment meters and with any queries relating to how your pre-payment meter works.
  • Lemon Aid from Citrus Energy can even help you apply for services you may be entitled to such as white goods schemes, discounts on your energy bills, benefits and many other services. So if you are a resident in Ayrshire and want to get the best from your energy supply then call us today.

Switching energy supplier needn't be complicated. Citrus Energy makes it an easy process and with our ongoing support we will automatically review your tariffs every 6 months to ensure you continue to get the best deal.